Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I have learnt from the AniBlog Tourney

For those who didn't already know about it my adventure with the AniBlog Tourney is done and over with, which was expected. As such, I wanted to congratulate the guys over at Anime Picks for getting 4 votes more than me, it really makes me happy that the battle was so close, got me excited for 48 hours. 

Before starting with the actual subject of this post I wanted to say hello to the new readers, I hope you'll enjoy your stay and won't be disappointed by what you'll find here (also, if you want to give me more feedback on what I can improve I'm all ears)

Anyway, here is what I have learnt from the Tourney. 

- My writing isn't as shitty as I thought it was. That's good news. I'm sure you wouldn't have guessed. Thing is, I have absolutely no confidence in my writing skills. I can tell you I'm much better at writing English than my neighbour, she never studied it, but I've always considered myself as one of the most awful writer of the blogosphere. 
Glad to know that not being a native doesn't make my writing totally un-readable and that it gives it a distinctive style. 

- Size doesn't matter. I was always under the impression that a large blog who's updated daily with quality posts would win almost by default. Seems not. (No really, I have like 100 views per day, most of it coming from google images so ... XD)

- This guy isn't imaginative. Here, have a piece of advice everyone, be more creative with your insults, it gives more entertainment to the insulted, all I got from my little paragraph over there is new visitors. Not that I mind, at least I got something out of it. (Thank you by the way, I hope you weren't disappointed, whatever you were looking for by coming here)
(Oh and I still persist in calling Tasogara Otome Amnesia, "My Girlfriend is a Ghost", just so you all know)

- I'll continue by thanking the people at Metanorn for convincing me about the need of an about page. It's in progress. (I almost got a heart attack when I noticed people coming from over there, because admittedly I don't know many blogs, but I did know Metanorn. Just like I knew AnimePicks.)

- Efforts matter. Strangely enough, reading through all the comments around on my blog (which I am taking the opportunity to thank you for again) the two things people seemed to like about it were the layout and the fact I displayed strong opinions in my posts. 
I took extra care of the layout so that the reading is clear and not disturbed by anything un-necessary. I usually just leave a website when a design hurts my eyes so I didn't want it to happen to my blog, if the content isn't to people's liking then I can't do much about it, at least I thought I could protect their eyes. 
As for the opinions, I went a long way. I've always been a bit shy in telling people about what I thought, so it's always a bit hard for me not to write a generic post with generic ideas. I'm glad I managed. At least sometimes. 
That's also why I can't really write episodic posts (despite what everyone might think I'm not running an episodic blog, unless it's a season's beginning), I admire people who write good episodic posts going beyond re-telling an episode. 
Also why I find it hard to write some reviews over at Organization ASG, it's not my blog I can't totally bash an anime, but I think I'm doing better at that too. (You should vote for us when the time comes too by the way ^^)