Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[1st episode] Nazo no Kanojo

I have finally found some courage to review the episodes I have seen lately. Prepare for a bit of spamming in the next minutes. 

Nazo no Kanojo is basically as such, boy meets girl and they fall in love. I think. Awesome isn't it? 

After the first line has been said you immediately get the idea of what it'll be about. And I was really happy mind you. Barely kept myself from spazzing all over Twitter about how it'll be my favorite anime of the season. I'm glad I did. 

Because it's boring. And definitely not pretty to look at. 

I do get the appeal on the other hand. It's just not really one of my fetish but I could live with that, I didn't really like the way it was dealt with either. It's presented a bit too beautifully for me. I like my dirty things (because that's essentially dirty) to stay dirty thank you very much. 

Strange how the thing that disturbed me in an anime that could be seen as disturbing by pretty much everyone is the fact it wasn't disturbing enough, go figure. 
In any case I was bored and thus, dropped.