Thursday, April 12, 2012

[1st episode] Jormungand

First of it all I need to tell you all that I have been curious and look up exactly what Jormungand was and then I was surprise because mind you, Jormungand is a giant snake that has been send to the sea around Midgard and was so big that he bit his tail. As such, in my headcanon, Jormungand is a sub-organization of Tiger&Bunny's Ouroboros. Headcanons are fun -___-

To get back to the topic at hand Jormungand seems to be the story of a group of arms dealers led by Koko something (I honestly couldn't remember her last name) and as she said it herself they all have a screw loose. 
I want to say, it's OK, very few anime this season have characters who don't have one or a few screws loose. What is originality? 

First of all, GG, I liked Mameshiba better, nothing can beat Mameshiba (I know, I know, it's not your fault if there's no Mameshiba add airing with the anime. I don't even think it'd be wise to advertise Mameshiba along with Jormungand either)

As for the anime in itself, I liked it. The characters aren't really original but it's just been the first episode, they'll develop and get a personality of their own I'm sure of that. They need to if they don't want to become boring. 

I like the story much more, the world of arms dealers is fascinating to me, I don't really expect the anime to be realistic but anything that deals with that kind of subject is fine with me (sometimes my taste scare me too, don't worry)
I loved the blood, I loved Koko, I loved the political machinations and the whole "behind the scenes" aspect of the anime. 

Actually I have no complain to make. At all. A definite must watch for me.