Friday, April 6, 2012

[1st episode] Sankarea

Brace yourself for quite a few articles in the next hour. I have watched lots.

First of today's batch is Sankarea, story of a boy who's fetish is zombies, he has absolutely no interest at all in human females, until, obviously, he meets the star of the nearby all girl school named Sanka Rae.
Then, obviously again, shit happens.

During all the episode I kept on wondering why the hell I was watching.
- Even by my standards (which are pretty low) the main character has a few screw loose.
- The cat didn't turn into a zombie.
- Fanservice
- Girl!Main character has quite a few screw loose on her own
- I was a bit bored by the story that was like non existent.
- I don't even remember the voice acting nor the music.

To be honest that's something I'd drop on the spot.
However, as I said shit happens, and that shit looked like quite interesting (I mainly got a glimpse of intestins. Not where they were supposed to be)

As I'm curious, it'll get the benefit of the doubt and I'll be watching the second episode.