Saturday, April 14, 2012

[1st episode] Sakamichi no Apollon

For some reasons I imagine that one of the two main character is a basket player. Go figure. 

So, this one's the story of another guy who transfers who also happen to make friends with the class president who also happens to be the childhood friend of the class delinquant who also happen to "target" the transfer guy and OMG like jazz. 

I started that without really knowing what to expect, yes I start anime without reading the summary quite often and so I was surprised, pleasantly surprised. 
I thought it'd be boring at the beginning, a rich and smart transfer student goes in a new school, has no friends and things happen (like he falls in love and all that stuff, which he does, I think) but in the end it's not a completely normal school life anime either. 

I don't really know what it is either, almost like a mix between K-On and Nodame Cantabile. 
In the sense that jazz (even if K-on isn't really about jazz) meets classical music. I am actually quite curious as to how it'll develop.

I quite like the interactions between the characters too, I like their differences and how no matter how deep the gap is between them they still manage to find some common ground in music, even if they don't like the same genre. 

I'm really curious as to the music they'll play together 

I say you should watch
But I'm biased I'm a sucker for music anime so ...

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