Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[1st episode] Accel World

I'm pretty sure I had meant to check that anime, unfortunately, I have actually no memories of the list I took so much time to make. Oh well, it'll come back to my brain in time. 

So, Accel World is the story of Buta (I don't remember his actual name) who's being bullied, but one day appears a magical older girl student who presents him with a power that can help him, and so it does. Unfortunately for him, everything has consequences. 

Ah and I forgot to say that Sunrise managed to put some kinds of mecha suits in the anime. They love mecha at Sunrise, even Nichibros had them. 

Oh well, Accel World has a pretty not-original concept, the poor and weak and voiced by Kaji Yuki (Sounds familiar?) meets a girl (Sounds familiar?) and through her he manages to access an incredible power (Again, sounds familiar?) 
Obviously he can't really use his power without consequences, the power is limited to a certain number of uses and when he doesn't have any left, well, he's done for. Or at least he will never be able to use that power anymore. 
In the end, I'm not really interested, nor by the plot, nor by the characters. (And, since the writer has worked on Guilty Crown too, I'm guaranteed it won't improve, but I shall do further researches on that)

What could be interesting (and isn't) the thing I had the most hope about after having watched 5 minutes of the anime is the world building. Come on, everyone is linked to a virtual world where they can connect and disconnect whenever they want. A bit like the network from Summer Wars. 
That could be interesting if handles properly, however it's not either. 

The voice acting is OK except for Kaji Yuki that really starts to get on my nerves with all of his annoying roles lately. The music has no unity, it goes ell to illustrate the events, it doesn't to build an atmosphere. 

To sum it up, dropped