Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #34

It's raining, it should be finally snowing yet it's raining *sobs*

- Un-Go : So, they've been introducing the "background" plot for two episodes now, am I the only one thinking it's a bit late?
Well, I won't complain, that episode was pretty nice.

- Guilty Crown : That's the kind of episode that really shows the weakness of the writing. You know, the story about Shu's father, that's normally the kind of thing that at least makes me teary, especially when they tell it in a graveyard, or I don't know, if it doesn't it at least makes me sympathize with the character and like him a bit more. It didn't work, I still dislike Shu, I haven't felt a thing at all during all the scenes at the graveyard. Totally emotionless.
I don't know, I mean, I get it, we're supposed to see it from Shu's point of view and apparently Shu doesn't care but seriously, that was the perfect moment to make the viewers sympathize with Shu, why not use it?
Instead, they'd rather show us how sad and pitiful Daryl is. (Which add depth to his character but you're not supposed to feel sorry for Daryl of all people)
I think they should revise their priorities.

- Idolm@ster : Cute Christmas episode. That's all I have to say. There's nothing more to add.

- Persona 4 : Would you say Risette in English too? Seems REALLY French to me.
And I actually don't remember much of the episode so ...

- Mawaru Penguindrum : People seemed to be surprised about the developments. My logic actually didn't quite accept the Takakura parents were alive. That didn't make much sense. Sanetoshi is obviously not human so yeah, not surprised either. And the previous episode totally gave away the fact Masako was Kanba's sister and their family was a fake since the flashback episode of Shoma's birth.
So, I'm a bit disappointed. Though now I wonder, who killed the Takakura?
(Still, can I say once again how disturbing it is to be born on the same day as them?)

- BokuTomo : Don't have anything to say.

- Sekaiichi Hatsukoi : I want a lover like Yukina.

- Bakuman : Any episode without Hiramaru is a lost episode.

- Fate/Zero : Any episode without Iskandar is a lost episode.
Though that one had its use like : making me wonder (again) where the hell Shinji was? And I got to see Ryunosuke.

- HunterxHunter : Leorio's smarter than I thought.

- Beelzebub : These delinquants are hilarious. They should focus more on them and less on Oga, though I don't really mind Oga either.

- Ben-to : The epitome of boring. What happened?

- Working : Not enough Yamada but she sure steals the show whenever she appears <3