Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Being a fujoshi #2 - The joys

I'm pretty sure you've all wondered at some point what the hell was so great about being a fujoshi (a decent one, because, well, every group of people has its idiots, thankfully I now know how to avoid them) so I'll tell you what I find great about it. 
As usual, my opinions are mine alone, and the usual warnings apply etc etc.

- The love : Believe it or not but the fujoshi world is overflowing with love, well, that's kind of the point, after all it's not called boy's love for nothing. But that's not exactly the path where I want to go, what I really wanted to say is that most of my anime friends are fujoshi, were fujoshi, even before I went down the same path, you want to know why? Because we like the same things. It may seems shallow and it obviously doesn't always work that easily but, making a friend in the fujoshi world is easy. It goes like "OMG you like that too?" "Yes I love it, let's be friends!" and from there it develops quite easily compared to what I experienced before. 

- The fanwork : It's emulating and inspiring being in the middle of people who writes or draws constantly. 

- The porn : Well, obviously XD No, more seriously, when you're a girl who loves porn in the first place, it's really hard to find people who are able to accept it without judging you. You don't usually casually bring up in a conversation the last porn videos you have watched right? At least, not with everyone. That's the same, when you're among fujoshi you know it's ok to talk about those things. 

- The acceptance : While there are general disagreements since different human beings have different opinions I think I can safely say the community is generally pretty accepting. Where you come from, what you do, what kind of sexuality you have or anything doesn't matter, you are who you are and that's OK. 
After all, it'd be a shame if we started to judge each other, we're already prejudiced enough as it is.