Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 days of Christmas - Steins;Gate

Seems like these 12 days of Christmas will end up covering all of my favorite anime of the years. Hey, that's an easy topic, what else would you expect? It's been quite long since I forced myself to write daily blog posts after all.

So yeah, as you may suppose I loved Steins;Gate, after all, it did rank second in my ACAA post and it'll probably stay one of my favorite anime of all time and Okarin one of the most awesome character I have ever come accross. Now, unfortunately I have already talked about Steins;Gate in length. Several times. And I don't really know what more to add aside that the simple fact it's awesome and you should watch it.

For nostalgia (yeah already) sake, have the OP! (Well hopefully it won't stay nostalgia that much longer because of that planned movie, it's just wishful thinking though, god knows when it'll be out. As long as it does come out I won't mind the wait!)