Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 days of Christmas - Tiger&Bunny

You probably wondered when the hell I'll start talking about my favorite anime of the year, and probably favorite anime for a long, long time and this time is now! So, have a whole post entirely dedicated to this wonderful anime that is Tiger&Bunny.

I've been under the impression I was a little bit alone in my endless spazzing over this in the anime blogosphere, and I can understand that. I didn't want to start watching it either. Not everyone can like what I like and I have to admit the first few episodes are rather dull when compared to what's next.

However, what's next is wonderful. I already said it but it can't hurt to say it again, I stopped counting how many times I cried and laughed at that. How many theories I made. How many people I met. How surprised I was by the performances of the seiyuu, by the quality of the writing and by how realistic they all felt.

It's the kind of anime that grows on you before you even realize it and in the end, you don't regret it the slightest bit.