Friday, December 23, 2011

12 days of Christmas - The fandom Events

If there's one thing I have realized on my journey in the anime-verse, it's the importance of the fandom, I'm not going to say it's always a happy and welcoming place (No.6 fujoshi fandom I'm looking at you!) but I can't help but appreciate to see so many different people coming together in one place doing one thing.

2011 was really fun in terms of fandom events.
First came Nopy's my History with anime project which helped me discover quite a few interesting anime blogs that I still follow to this day.
Next came Kidd's Ani-bloggers Choice Anime Award which has been quite a challenge to take part to but also very interesting.

And I won't even start on all the numerous Tiger&Bunny related projects I was crazy enough to join and sometimes made me feel like an hopeless creepy otaku (you know, the kind that celebrates a character's birthday by taking pictures of food in front of a picture of said character, yeah I did that) and not even regret it.
That being said, the last event was to design a Christmas memorial pin in Tiger&Bunny's style. Which I did. Obviously.