Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being a fujoshi #3 - A dictionary

And another article in the series, mostly prompted because Nopy said he wanted to put up a Guide to Anime and there's nothing I know better than fujoshi terms.
I have voluntarily left out some rather questionnable fanfiction terms that I'm pretty sure you don't want to even imagine the meaning of, but of course if anyone ever comes accross a word he/she thinks fit for the list please comment and I'll add it. The list is meant for change and no matter how much I review it (and ask fujoshi friends to review it) there's no other word we could think of.

Have fun reading? I guess.

- Boy's Love or BL (also called shonen-ai) : Story revolving around two (or more) boys falling in love. It may be used to define the genre as a whole but it's usually for sweet and cute love stories.

- Doujinshi : Self published work by Japanese artists. In the context, more often than not, it's a drawn story of characters from various popular (and not so popular) series, not always explicit but that's usually the main point of the "story".

- Fanart : Just like its name suggest, it's art of series created by fans, again, but without story, just an illustration (but I guess you know that already)

- Fanfiction : Stories based on a series written by fans. Can be explicit or not, can be serious or not, can be a crossover between different series, basically, there's many kind of fanfictions.

- Homoge : Games in which the main goal is to make two men come together. Like an eroge, except with two men. Most popular series are from Nitro+Chiral and, believe it or not, some of those have great stories (Togainu no Chi before the anime for example ^^) (Though you shouldn't really look at some of the game CGs, trust me on that)

- Pairing : A pairing is basically a couple. It's mostly used in the context of fanmade stuff but technically it can be any couple. Not always an homosexual one either. (Because fujoshi can do yuri and hentai too)

- Seme : I have no idea how to define this in a tasteful way, it's used to define the dominant one in a sexual homosexual relationship, the one who tops?

- Ship : See Pairing

- Shonen-ai : See Boy's Love

- Uke : The exact contrary of the seme, the one on the receiving end of anal sex.

- Yaoi : It's the general term used to define the genre revolving around homosexual relationships. Usually more on the sexual part of things.