Thursday, January 12, 2012

[1st episode] Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

First and only new Sunrise anime I'm giving a chance to this season, I don't even think they're broadcasting anything else are they? Not that I mind because they do lots of shit among their god-tier anime. 

Anyway, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is, just like its name hint, if you understand a bit of Japanese, an anime about the daily lives of high school boys. 

As you can see, again, the character design isn't exactly pretty. But Bakuman taught me character design and art aren't the most important things in gag manga. Which I agree with, if something is funny you don't even look at the characters.
Except I don't mind looking at pretty things you know, as such, prettier designs would have been great. 

Another thing that bugged me is that this literally screamed Gintama. Everywhere. At every second.
The only seiyuu who isn't in Gintama doesn't even have a very distinctive voice (Sorry Irino Miyu, you're good at what you do)
The composer is also the writer of Gintama's music. 
And the director is also Gintama's.
So, I hope it'll break free from the Gintama influence. I love Gintama, don't make me wrong, but, I'd rather watch the real thing than a knock off without swords and aliens. 

All in all and despite all I complained about I really enjoyed myself, contrary to Gintama, the episode was constructed in a succession of shorts. No boredom, more possibilities to change the settings to create funny jokes, Kuuki is happy. And Kuuki laughed. She doesn't laughed very often. 
And the introduction was hilarious. Absolultely hilarious. 

There's something else that works very well in favor of this anime and it's the nostalgia factor, and they probably know it. A few of my male friends were exactly like the guys in the anime and the memories make me smile.