Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[1st episode] Another

When you realize you've nearly watched all the shows you wanted to watch for the new season and the only thought you have in your mind is : "Already? But it feels like I've watched only two shows", you know it's time for you to get your head checked. I mean, my MAL currently watching list is at 35. And there are still new stuff I want to watch.
At this point, I can't seriously go into a withdrawal syndrom can I?

Anyway, back on tracks, what's Another? Well, it's another anime (didn't see that one coming did you?), an horror anime about a girl who's apparently a ghost and a class full of creepy people who might really be all dead considering how creepy they are. Didn't catch much about the general storyline from that first episode but they did tell the story of Misaki Mei, the probably-ghost-girl, guess we'll follow the adventures of outsider-kun (noticed how it's always an outsider who creates trouble?) as he uncovers the truth behind that story.

I guess I shall start by the only thing that really bothered me, mainly, the character design. If it's an horror anime it would have beneficied from a character design a bit more unusual, less big eyes, more creepy. See the main protagonist? If the picture was a little clearer she'd look like she came straight out of a moe anime.
Thankfully the really dark atmosphere of the anime makes up for the character design.

Some people mentionned the lack of character depth and their non-reaction to things, but I didn't see it. I guess that's something I'll have to see on the long run but so far the characters seems fine to me. Except maybe for outsider-kun but I don't even expect anything from main male protagonists anymore so ...

There are probably a lot of bad things to comment on, I didn't notice them.

To be honest I went out of these 20 something minutes screaming for more. (Well, minus the OP, I really don't like it). So far, this anime has everything I love. I really, really hope it'll keep up because if it goes on with such a creepy atmosphere and intriguing settings, it'll become one of my favorite anime of all time real quick.

In any case, even if by chance it'd end up bad, there's a limit to what you can do in 12 episodes in terms of mystery and horror, I won't drop it before I get to hear Hiroaki Hirata King of Fried Rice.
I am just hoping he won't voice a villain because there's no way I'll take him seriously.

In short : GO WATCH THIS!

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  1. I agree about the character designs, the look far too cute for a horror anime. Then again, it adds to the shock value, like with Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


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