Sunday, January 8, 2012

[1st episode] Brave 10

And another one of the show I've been dying to see. Which, as most shows you die to see, kinda isn't what you expected.

So, Brave 10 is yet again another samurai show, telling the story of the warlord Sanada Yukimura and his 10 greater soldiers. Or so I assumed, given the title and the timeline and such.
I actually have no idea what's happening aside that a poor samurai whose name I forgot is dragged into a miko's affair (since the poor girl is obviously chased by the evil people) and they're both dragged in old man Sanada's little plot too.

As we already have established, the plot isn't the strong point of the anime, as cliché as possible.
Which could be nice, really, after all, it's hard to go past the cliché stuff in a Sengoku anime, except that, seriously, even that Sengoku Time Paradox thing was better done than that. And it had more boobs than this.

The strong point of this anime should have been the cast. It's like a dream cast for every (girl) seiyuu fan out there. Except, you know what, while I like Ono Daisuke, I can't really handle him talking this much.
We, sadly, haven't heard many other people talk but I did like Sanada's voice, and, I was greatly amused by the fact the girl is voiced by the same seiyuu who voiced Sakuma in Azazel. Not that any of you has watched Azazel but Sakuma's damn badass.

The BGM was annoying, I can deal with music not fitting the atmosphere and all, but this is too much, please, not that much electric guitars in my Sengoku anime.
As usual, the OP and the ED sucked.

To be fair it has, for me at least, a few redeeming points.
- It's pretty. And no, I don't only mean it has pretty boys, the backgrounds were pretty too.
- Sanada Yukimura is fucking sexy. Being a bearded old man and all. (<-- new found fetish)
- Talking about fetishes, it had a bondage scene. Yeah, that too.

Wait and see as they say, I don't follow many anime this season I can give a chance to a few stuff I don't particulary like. And it's my anime date with Teap. I can't drop it.

On the other hand, if you thought about maybe give it a chance, watch Sengoku Basara instead. It may not have much plot either aside from the very cliché "let's beat everyone and especially the bad guys down to a pulp" but at least it's funny.