Saturday, January 14, 2012

[1st episode] Thermae Romae

Here comes the first other Noitamina show of the season (BRS comes later), and, I can't say I can complain. (I could complain on Guilty Crown and laugh madly saying "MWAHAHA I knew it" but I won't bother)

Thermae Romae, is, like its name tells you, if, obviously you know latin better than the people who titled Madoka, an anime about baths in Ancient Rome. Except main character travels through time and often end up in modern japanese baths. Magical!

As you can see, the animation and character design could be caracterized as experimental or at least unusual. Unless you're familiar with European comics because that's totally the style we're used to (Again, remember I'm French)
Well, while it's not exactly what I'd call pretty it's at least interesting to see.

The characters are pretty normal, nothing to really note.
The plot is pretty much non existent, poor main character just get transported in modern Japan and comes back with new ideas to built new baths, which is used for comical relief.

And that works. That totally works and it's hilarious. And rather accurate aside from the obvious. Which lets me say that if you ever have the occasion go visit a roman bath, these guys were geniuses and it's incredibly big, and awesome.