Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Let's now continue on what I was intending to do with that blog, which is known as anime episode reviews, I don't know yet how long I'll manage to keep this up but who cares?
I can't promise I'll do all the episodes of all the airing series I'm watching, there are waaay too much.

Anyway prepare yourself and let's celebrate the opening of my anime crazyness with Sengoku Basara Episode 2! Also renamed "How to get Masamune-sama to be really, really angry"

The episode starts, everything seems normal, Hanbei and Katakura-kun were "normally" talking (understand that Hanbei tries to headhunt him) when suddenly this happened!

To my opinion pissed off Kojuuro is interesting to watch. The "talk" continue (understand that it became a fight already) and then this happened!
Which basically cracked me up, for some reasons it's totally something I expected from Hanbei. Did I mentionned I already love him? Once again that was something I expected he is the psycho of the serie after all. (well for the new people over there my overall favorite character of the serie is Akechi Mitsuhide ^^)

After a while of talking/fighting/flirting Hanbei finally defeat Kojuuro and kidnapp elope with him
The plan was indeed to abduct Kojuuro in order to reduce Masamune's fighting abilities (because we all know that the only thing he wants is to party)
In any case the enemy attacks obviously at that moment.
Go bring Kojuuro!
Masamune-sama! Katakura-sama has disappeared!
This is indeed a problem, what will we do??

And during this difficult times, how is life in Echigo?
Keiji, Kenshin and Kasuga eat Kasuga's homewooked meal and drink sake (while discussing strategies, they're warlords after all)

Getting back to Oshuu pissed off Masamune throw himself in the battle, thus encountering psycho evil Hanbei whose plan has been to piss off Masamune all along, because we all know that pissed off Masamune can't think clearly, thus making mistakes.
And this is an example of what pissed off Masamune can do.
As a result Masamune loose

The episode closes on Yukimura being sent far far away despite wanting to go and help Masamune even after he defeated him so epicly last week.
Also Yukimura has to be really careful around water, Shingen looked like a caring father to Yukimura, that was cute.