Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Next anime of the day is Occult Gakuen, which is, as the name suggests, set in an Academy which everyone calls Occult Gakuen, because its students and former principal are interested by the Occult and strange things are happening around there.
Former principal being dead her daughter Maya takes his place, however she claims to hate the occult and something is threatenning the Earth, in a few years aliens would have invaded and mankind would have become an endangered specie...

However, Abe-sensei, a time traveler is here to save the World! Or not, since that episode was mostly about his date with a cute girl working at a nearby restaurant.

Everything is peaceful during the night.

However the mandatory monster appears and eat people (well ok we don't know, we only know they disappeared ^^)

Rumors are saying that at some points a Tengu was spotted near the school.

Sorry Maya but Kozue doesn't agree with you, let's go fetch the Tengu, ok?

After this the episode is all about Abe-sensei and his oooh-so-wonderful love life, which I found to be really boring, except for one moment ...
No they're totally not doing what you think they are, not at all.

And then the episode finishes on Maya being attacked by said Monster, see you next week for a possible ending of that Tengu chase (which will end up not being a Tengu at all, I can predict it)
Until then, do not forget that Maya wants YOU!!