Tuesday, July 20, 2010


For my first post, let's talk about the one of my numerous obsession which is known as seiyuu or voice actors in English.

Said seiyuu often record songs personnifying the characters they're voicing, recently a collection of one has been released for one of my favorite manga, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, so here are the songs and my thoughts.

This is Dino's song, by Kenn.
The music is nice, at least it suits me, I won't say anything about the wonderful and marvellous Engrish we are gifted with, for some parts I didn't even get it was English.
It's still my favorite song of the whole CD.

This one is by Junko Takeguchi, Hitomi Yoshida, Li-Mei Chiang, Yuuna Inamura and Satomi Akesaka.
Lyrics are, well how should I put it, simple? TATALATATAAAA
Casting aside the fact that these girls are definitely not my favorite characters at all, the song is nearly enjoyable, nearly, if it wasn't for that annoying TATALATATAAAA which seems to pop up anywhere in the song, and I don't like the talking part either.

By Yuka Terasaki and Yukari Kokubun.
Usually I'm not a fan of duets but this one is pretty interesting, mostly because their voices actually match (it's not always the case, sadly ^^) .
I also like the joyful feeling it gives, I needed to listen to it 10 times to actually start to like it, however now it's done and the end is hilarious. I'll translate :
- Eeeh it's the first time I sang enka
Basil this is NOT enka *desperate

This is sang by Takashi Kondou
My love for this character is neverending, however let's face the truth, his songs are more and more horrible as time goes. I really do not like it, dunno his voice doesn't sound right, it sounds more like he's trying to catch his breath than anything else. It's really a shame, the music is the kind of thing I like, it would have been really, really good if he sang better.

This one is Kiuchi Hidenobu
I love him, I really, really do, I think he's a really talented seiyuu, but I really don't have a thing for his Ryohei's voice, and the music doesn't help, sadly it's a no for me.

And there we have Hidezaki Ichinose
No really, the music is great but this voice, I just can't. Well this song is better than his other ones so I guess I should be happy.

Now Suguru Inoue
Instant no, the biggest NO I can give.

Aaand last but not least, Reborn's voice actors Neeko.
These songs are never to be taken seriously, they're always there to make us laugh, and so they do, it's more rock than her usual songs, I LOVE. And let's admit it, this girl is great.