Saturday, May 7, 2011

The end of an era!

Damn, another long time without a post, this time I have an excuse though, finals got in the way and as soon as  had finished them, I got sick. ANYWAY, this is good news because I am now free forever from the hell that was Uni. On the other hand I have not the slightest idea about what the hell I could do with my life from now on.
Oh, well, guess it'll come to me one day or another. 
(I wish blogging could be a job for me, or at least journalism, but I'm definitely too shy to get into that field and I probably would be uninspired most of the time anyway)

As a result though I have a moutain of things to catch up on. 
Unread mangas are piling up on my bedside table. It includes : Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 11, Dogs 05, March Story 02, Drifters 01, Bloody Monday 05 and a few others. 
Akiba Manga is on the verge of disappearing, which I totally don't want, I love that magazine and the mangakas are adorable. 
Ikebukuro West Gate Park II wants to be read too. 
HMO Miku is bored in her box and wants someone to play with. 
I have a backlog of late translations I owe. 
I'm hoping to go there at the end of the month and possibly see Miyavi in July (but considering I don't care about Miyavi, I'll see)

Strangely enough, the only thing I'm up to date with are animes. 
All of that was to say : expect more stuff in the next days. 


  1. I wish you luck as you find a career. Man, reminds me of the job hunting pains that I experienced in my country. Been looking for a job for months (back then) to no avail that I find it depressing. On the bright side, despite job hunting on the day, I did waste time every night playing MMORPG... well, they say that graduates deserve a rest after thesis so, offering that same advice to you, go have fun for awhile bumming out ;D

  2. Aw tu as une HMO Miku? >u< Moi j'attends qu'elle arrive du Japon vu que mon cousin me l'a envoyée genre le mois dernier je crois, ça sera ptete pendant les grandes vacances que je vais la recevoir, j'ai hâte ;_; et bon courage pour l'avenir, je suis sûre que tu trouveras >u<

  3. It sounds like you've been going through the same thing as me. After finishing my university classes, I had a lot of stuff backlogged. I'm still trying to get through it all.

  4. @baka : Thank you very much! Oh well I shouldn't have much troubles finding a job, definitely not in my field but I'm not that picky and it's summer and I live in a touristic area and I speak English fluently (which is rare where I live) to do things right I should work on my German but lazyness is a killer. It'll work out, somehow.

    @Del : MWAHAHA vouiii et elle est trop jolie!
    Miciii <3

    @Nopy : You have my support! We'll definitely manage!

  5. Well, as long as you love your work, it'll definitely work itself out. Just to share, the first work I had was something that didn't really stuck well with me despite it having something to do with my course. I got fired after a few months. This motivated me to seriously find a job that I like. Not looking at starting salary offers, I found one job and I'm proud to say that despite not earning much, my experience with my current field of work is growing and I'm enjoying it lots. So financial issues aside, I am happy with my life right now :D


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