Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[Figure review]HMO Miku

I wish I knew how to write a figure review, unfortunately I don't and probably won't buy many figures in the next months to make up for my lack of knowledge and train, so bear with me?

All of my figures so far are Nendoroids or just chibi versions, that should tell enough about my motives to buy figures, sure there's the fact I (often) love the character but I like pretty things so when I went out of my last exam and saw that pretty HMO Miku (when I don't even care that much for Vocaloids) I couldn't resist.

Could anyone say no to this smile?
On top of that, since she's a Nendoroid, she's really well made, even the lower parts of her hairs move. (Don't  laugh at me but really I'm amazed by that fact and it amuses me greatly to move them whenever I have her in my hands). You can even remove her ahoge.
She comes with a lot, a whole lot of different parts and accesories too. 3 faces, 2 pairs of headphones, 4 hands and 4 sleeves, 2 negi (if anyone know how you say that in English I'd be thankful forever), a flute, 2 pianos and a complete drum set.

I have however two (very little) problems with mine.
First, one of her tail falls whenever I move her a bit too violently and second the base. Oh goddamnit the base, there's no way I'll ever manage to connect this thing to her back. No way.
But I have had this problem with all Nendoroids I own, especially the Puchi, I needed to get my brother's help to make them stand and BRS is forever sitting for this reason.
Well I don't mind as long as they stand.

As usual, I'm in love. I become weaker and weaker everytime I buy one -___-


  1. I'm jeloussssssssssssssss!!

  2. You went for one of the better nendoroids out there, HMO Miku has a lot more features than an average nendoroid.

    Her negi are often referred to as leeks, but some people think they're not leeks, but spring onions.

  3. Han vas-y ;_____; Elle est trop chou ♥ Je la veux dans mes mains aussi 8D


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