Sunday, March 18, 2012

[1st episode] Ozuma

Just a very small 1st episode post to tell you that, first, I'm starting an internship tomorrow. I have absolutely no idea how it'll happen so I might or might have time enough free time to blog.
It probably won't have much impact on posts though I'm not too sure I'll still manage to write my average two per week, but it'll definitely have an impact on my answers to comments and emails. In the end, if you want to reach me fast, your safest bet is Twitter. I'm supposed to have two days off a week but god knows what can happen in such a field as tourism. And I won't be able to say no either if they ask me for favours, and I have stuff to do on week ends like, volunteer construction work, or various housework mother can't do alone.
Anyway, we'll see, just to say I might or might not disappear. (That was a very useful statement wasn't it?)

Let's start by our topic, mainly, Ozuma, newest project of Captain Harlock's Leiji Matsumoto.
To give you a summary, well, a girl is chased by the military, she's saved by a nice guy who happens to belong to a pirate crew, they're all flying in nice spaceships in the desert (so they should be desertships) where strange creatures called Ozuma live underneath the surface.

After the first few seconds I was pretty sure I'd continue this, just because I heard Hayami Shou and that's such a rare occurence that it should be greatly enjoyed. And on top of that he's the captain of the military guys.

Second thought, damn, that animation style makes me nostalgic.

Third thought, this story really isn't that original, but I won't care if it's well done. (I hope it'll be well done. I have high hopes for Leiji Matsumoto.)

And last, but very important thought, I think I just fell in love with the captain of the pirates.

Over than that, well, it's going to be only 6 episodes, I think you can spare those 2 hours. If you're old enough for the sake of nostalgia, if not, I think it'll be a great introduction to Leiji Matsumoto's work. (Or you can, just like me, go watch those Daft Punk music videos.)