Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Season 2011, 1st impression post

Since I'm that lazy you'll have a bundled first impression post, aside from my lazyness the obvious reason is that some shows already have their second episode and at my speed you probably won't have a first impression post until the third episode would air so I don't see any use in that.
Anyway, shall we start?

- Dragon Crisis : Why do I start by that I have no idea because it honestly has been pretty unimpressive and unoriginal. I mean you can do more interesting than a young boy rescuing a young girl who happens to be a dragon, rare treasure his cousin has been dying to discover, and who happens to be, oh so by chance, to be targetted by some evil organization?
It still managed to interest me enough to prompt me to watch the second episode, I mean, it ended with what seemed to be a mad scientist arriving at their appartment in a fucking helicopter, talk about random events.
Thankfully I'm not watching this for the plot, I wasn't expecting anything and I didn't get much so everything is fine.

- Onii-chan etc : Wasn't watching for the plot either, and I wasn't expecting anything, and I was so right. Dropped. Aside from the voice acting there's really nothing to save and I may be a fangirl but even Toyonaga Toshiyuki can't save something with bad music, bad character design, bad animation and bad plot.

- Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica : I honestly was about to drop after the first episode, but I was strong and continued because Kajiura Yuki is my music goddess and Shaft one of my favourite studio. It happens not to be as bad as I thought. I still can't deem it the best anime of the season, definitely not, but I'm at least a bit interested, even if I don't like the character design and the main character annoys me to death, the blonde looks like she's hiding something, thus I'm curious.

- Level E : Something I didn't intend to watch, I'm definitely curious about the alien and the voice acting is good. It has a dark atmosphere and some funny/ridiculous moments.
I can't say whether or not I really did like this, so as a matter of fact I'll have to keep watching to find out.

- Kore wa Zombie desu ka? : Another one I didn't want to watch, I'm fucking glad I did though, don't think I ever laughed that much at an anime, I won't say anything not to spoil the jokes but just go watch it's ridiculous.
There's one thing I fear though, which is the second episode. I'm not sure if they will be able to keep up on that level of crazyness in the long run.
But I sure do hope they do because this first episode was beyond awesome.

- Beelzebub : Another ridiculous thing, pretty fun, and I somehow have a huge crush on the delinquant type of characters, I'm in heaven with this.
For this one my fear is the usual Jump thing, meaning, fucking slow animes and neverending fights. Please do something else.

- Gosick : Led by another one of my music god, Nakagawa Kotaro, I started this. I'm happy I did. It gives a nice, dark atmosphere, the main girl is not annoying, I'll be even ready to call her cute, the main guy on the other seems to be some generic weakling but he's not.
The plot is interesting, it went smoothly from a school setting to a closed-space murder to a ship setting Umineko, in 2 episodes.
I like it quite a lot.

- Starry Sky : Honestly, there's nothing really interesting going on there if you're not a fan of the game, you just get to "know" the characters, watching for the seiyuu anyway so I don't care much, and it's 11 minutes long.

- Hourou Musuko : Was expecting a lot from this, wasn't disappointed, it's a bit confusing at the beginning because all the characters look the same but it goes better really quickly and it has an interesting artstyle.
I'm curious about how it'll continue.

- Fractale : Was curious about this too, I feared some kind of un-understandable psychedelic stuff, yet it's easy to understand.
It feels calm and peaceful, the same kind of feeling you get from Ghibli movies, and yet it also feels like Orwell's 1984, and trigger a case in your brain which actually makes you think about the world we live in and such. A great one. Gotta hand it to NoitaminA to come up with such intellectual stuff.
For now tied with Gosick for the first place in my heart. Though both are really different.