Monday, January 17, 2011


Sometimes, as you probably already know it, Japanese come up with weird things in their animes/mangas/games and well in pop culture in general.
I don't catch all references, far from it, but it happens that I'm French and that Japanese apparently love to twist around French language and various other French things.
This season appears to be pretty rich with such occurences so let me start with the one I thought to be the most funny.
The culprit is Beelzebub, Ryuuhei Tamura's Jump serie recently made into an anime. (The name of the serie itself is a reference to mythological stuff but I'm not sure if you're interested in that ^^)

Anyway, as I was saying Beelzebub has a particular character named Alain Delon, have a pic below :
From there, nothing more memorable than the fact it does indeed sound French and it would be forgettable if another fact didn't come in consideration, mainly that Alain Delon exists. In the real world I mean.

And this is how he looks like :
He is/was a pretty popular actor so if you're interested, as usual go check The Wiki article