Sunday, May 20, 2012

My history with manga

This is a repost from Organization ASG so some people probably have read it and for that I'm sorry, but I think it has its place on my blog too. 

The story behind how I started to read manga is quite a simple one, mainly I was driven by the need to know what this hype was all about I started to research the topic.
But that’s not exactly how it started: everything started, back in the days when I was 3 (damn, that’s 20 years ago) and I discovered anime on TV. Of course I didn’t know what it was, obviously, but the important thing is that I liked them.
Where I guess it really started was when I started to read French comics, mainly Tintin, and Astérix. I mean, from an early age I knew you could read drawn stories, I found that awesome, but getting both a good story and nice drawings to look at? Perfect, especially when you’re a child.
Later on everything died a little–I lost a bit of interest as I moved onto thicker books, that is, until procrastination kicked in.
I was in high school at the time, supposed to prepare for the big finals, but obviously that’s the moment when I had to remember I wanted to check what this manga thing was all about. I mean, that was Japanese, I was listening to Japanese music to study so as not to be distracted by understanding the lyrics (Which sadly isn’t true anymore now), obviously that was the perfect time to start wasn’t it?
That’s when I started to research, spending my time reading about them, not really knowing what I should choose, where I should start, where to read them (back in the days, you still couldn’t find manga anywhere mind you, I had a legit excuse) and then asked a friend. She said I’d liked Death Note, I did like Death Note, and from there on I continued by reading the popular Jump stuff so I knew what to think. I liked it but somehow that wasn’t enough and as I met new fans I also met new tastes, discovered new genres, discovered OneManga, perfected my English, and from there on it developed to anime and now a blog.
Thinking back, I don’t regret anything (I got my exam by the way, with very good results). Through manga I have discovered a world I didn’t know existed, I got to meet new people, and I got to learn new things.