Sunday, May 13, 2012

I loved AKB0048

And I'm being serious.

I'm starting to become the Queen of Unpopular opinions or something but damn, that thing is good. In its very peculiar way I'll concede, but I enjoyed myself. A lot.
But the most important part of that, is why?

Well to start with I like idol stuff, I have a really huge weakness for animated concerts (go figure why) and AKB0048 does that pretty well.

Now that this is said and that's more the reason why I actually tried than the reason I love it, I shall disclose my deepest secret, the real thing that makes me look forward to this anime.
That reason is simple : I find that absolutely hilarious.

I admit I didn't know much about this anime before I started, I knew it was about idols but that stopped there. I do that pretty often actually.
And then I started, and then I realized what the fuck that was all about, a dystopia where entertainment is banned, where idols are fighting on equal ground with the military on board of giant robots and have kinda magical accessories.
That's the kind of anime that should never exist. Thinking objectively about it, it sucks, it's so many strange things put together that it shouldn't work, yet, it does.

I always want to compare it with Guilty Crown, where Guilty Crown tried too hard to be serious, from the very start it was impossible to take AKB0048 seriously, and that's what makes it awesome.
I guess it's like a guilty pleasure, mindless entertainment, as far as I'm concerned, I'll take AKB0048 as a comedy and enjoy myself in my lonely little corner of fandom.