Monday, July 2, 2012

[1st episode] Arcana Famiglia

Ah well, I suppose I better get started on this new season since it rains and I haven't started working yet.

So, La storia della Arcana Famiglia, which I'll abridge, is a story about the "vigilante" (read as : mafia) family of a remote island that doesn't exist in our world (so that we're free from real world requirements). So apparently this island is full of villains but obviously that's not the main focus of the series, apparently that's going to be the story of how those boys will compete against each others using their magical arcana powers to win the girl.
Sounds awesome right?

As you may have guessed I am not too hyped up about this, which I thought would happen, it's an adaptation from yet another otome game after all. And the storyline of this particular one is so obvious that it's a wonder it sold. At least most other games have a better excuse to interact and fight over the girl than her father organizing a contest to marry her. That one is waaaay too obvious. And a bit boring.
But I'll get over it, I knew what I was getting into.

Usually my main reason for watching those adaptations are seiyuu, however, the only one who really shone in that is Yusa Kouji, I have fallen in love all over again. even Sugita Tomokazu sounded quite boring in this. Whoever's the responsible of this heresy (how can you even manage to make Sugita Tomokazu sound boring is beyond me) will be forever haunted by me.
Also, casting Mamiko Noto as Felicita was a bad idea.
Since I'm at it, the music wasn't exactly good either, pretty much the contrary, at some points I cringed.

Now the only other redeeming point of those adaptations is usually characters. The main one is usually plain, this one seems to have guts, however, her name is really unfortunate, because damn, that song, Felicita, we sung that one in German classes when I was in high school, everytime they say her name I can't help but laugh. Sorry.
As for the boys, well, aside from Jolly, Yusa's character, no one really caught my eyes just yet. Maybe the father and mostly because he's an ass.

I still have no idea whether I'm going to watch this, at least the second episode because the first made me think of a mix between KHR, Baccano! and Kuroshitsuji, and to be honest I'm curious.
But it's bad. Damn.