Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring 2012 : What will I watch?

Damn, it's nearly that time of the year again. The time when I'll pick up too much anime. Which obviously will be even worse than usual because I'll be doing an internship at that time. (Though I'll probably need it given the stress of said internship)
Anime is an addiction.

But first, the chart!

Definitely watching from start to finish

- Fate/Zero 2 : Goes without saying. Iskandar is moe. Caster is awesome. Ryuunosuke perfect. Saber adorable. Kiritsugu interesting. Waver, I don't know about Waver. 
And more importantly : THERE'S STILL NO SHIROU! (I hope ^^)
That and it'll be my anime date of the season so ... <3

- Kimi to Boku 2 : Surprisingly enough the first season managed to be entertaining enough so still watching the second. 

- Zetman : It's Zetman we're talking about. I love the manga. Also, Tiger&Bunny character designer's manga. /shot 

- Tsuritama : I have no idea what that is but it's Noitamina so ...

- Sakamichi no Appolon : Same. 

- Medaka Box : I heard the manga was really good so ... 

Giving it a chance (and will end up finishing most of the time, I'm just hopeless like that) : 

- Hyouka : Well, mystery anime ... I just hope it'll be quality mystery anime. 

- Accel World : It's Sunrise, I NEED to check. I don't want to nearly miss something amazing again. But I won't hesitate to drop if it ends up being like some other past things I won't name ^^

- Sankarea : Seems fun. 

- Tasogare Otome x Amnesia : Horror anime that really might be not horrific at all given the huge breasts I have seen. 

- Kore wa Zombie desu ka 2 : Given the first season has the most hilarious first episode ever and how the series ended up disappointing I'm wary. 

- AKB0048 : No comment. I like idol anime. 

- Shining Hearts : To be honest I have no knowledge of this beyond the "OMG it's soooo pretty" reaction I always get when I see figures. 

- Hiiro no Kakera : It's from an otome game. It's adapted by Deen. That alone should explain why I'm wary. Why I'm trying then? Because most otome games are seiyuu fest. 

- Sengoku Collection : I love that period. I can't help it. I'd watch anything that has Sengoku on the title. 

- Ozuma : Captain Harlock was one of my first fandom so ...

- Arashi no Yoru ni : Seems cute. 

- Train heroes : Original thing to make an anime about. 

Not even getting near (at least unless someone makes me change my mind) : 

- Saki Achiga Hen : Haven't followed the first season, not interested. 

- Kuroko no Basket : Sport anime. Not interested. 

- Uchuu Kyoudai : I need to put things in this section, I'm sorry, it seems like a decent anime otherwise. 

- Uppotte : I know I won't watch when I see a young moe girl waving a gun. 

- Queens Blade : Definitely not interested, if I want to watch hentai I watch real hentai. 

- Eureka Seven Ao : Haven't seen the first season. 

- Ginga e Kickoff : Sport anime. 

- Nadia thingy : Haven't watched the original. 

- Koi-ken : Too many girls on the promo picture. 

- Haiyore Naruko-san : Seems like the type of anime I'll dislike. 

- Acchi Kochi : I read tsundere in the summary.

- Phi Brain 2 : Read what I said about Sunrise earlier. That went into their disaster category. (I still had the patience to sit through 13 episodes, I'm proud)